The 16th MCT..How the players did - 9 December 2010


Martin 'Delicious' Clarke...Martin took money off DD and Jim Jeffries on the Wednesday.  The rest is history as Delicious went on to smash the field on Thursday with a record score.

Secretary...Very low profile trip, caught the bus back to the UK.

Diko...Ol blue eyes smiled his way to 3rd place..Never got off the bridle.

James Collins...James stepped in for Barry.  Pure legend.  The world would be a better place with more James Collins around.

Ivan Forster...Captain Ivan did the tour proud in his 'rookie' year.  900 euros the better for his golfing skill on 18.  We hope that he returns in 2011.

Freddie West...Fred kept us all entertained for the entire performance.  He loves Marbella.

Karl Smith...Karl was not in Spain or at Los Banditos and did not return home via Portugal.  All rumour!!

David Niven...Unfortunately Ian couldnt make it this year.  he has high hopes for 2011 however.

Pete Scott...Peter put up a stellar performance in 'The Port' in his claim to defend his trophy.

DD...As always DD covered a lot of ground and smoked a lot of cigarettes.

Jim Jeffries...The most generous man in the world.  Without doubt.

Nigel Jordan...Chelsea drank enough pink champagne to drown a cat.  As always a leading light.

Terry Farmer...The best player never to win a major slumped to his worsed ever score.

JD...In cracking form.  James was seen everywhere at all times.

The Reverend Billy Bob Porter...Prayed a lot.

Rex...A bridge to far for Rex.

Jumbo Cummings...Another legend. Jumbo just gets madder and madder.

Mark Costello...Last place for the boy from Wraybee Meer.  Mark was proud to finish last.  What a sport.




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